Eat with Bella and Dan

Together we are a food and lifestyle blog of 2 people with 4 fundamental values:

  • We love food
  • We try to be healthy
  • We are open to all dishes from all around the world
  • All recipes we make are made from scratch. Forget the fake preservatives!




eat with bella and dan

Hello, Hola, Ciao, I’m the Dan in eatwithbellaanddan. Who am I? I still don’t know yet. However, deep in my heart I have always had a passion for health, fitness and food. In the most basic form, there is clearly a direct link from what we put into our body and how we feel as human beings. I have always experimented in the kitchen with no care and thought. (Orange zest in rice as I had no lemons sounded like a good idea when I was younger! Tasted incredible :/)

It was only through experiences e.g. visiting East Africa, cycling through Central and South America and meeting Isabella that I realised food is a never ending book with no right or wrong answer. What is perceived as ‘normal’ in one place may seem completely ludicrous in another, whether that is continent to continent, country to country or even one village to the next (this can be said for a variety of things in life from language to how to show affection).  I think meeting and surrounding myself with people who love to cook, have the same passion and love food has given me the confidence to not actually care and try new things. If you’re getting judged eating Quinoa and sun dried tomatoes in that office environment, let it go over your head!

That said as I come from a neutral and open minded perspective, who will eat anything and Isabella with her incredible kitchen talents. I think together we make a great team and sharing that passion with someone you love is beautiful.

Peace out








“Let food be thy medicine” – Hyppocrates

Food has always been a passion of mine; being raised in an Italian household I have always been surrounded by it. Since meeting Dan, my passion for cooking has become more apparent and sharing the same interest with someone you love has allowed me to learn new cooking styles and experiment with different food.

For many years i have experimented with food and adapted it to become: sugar free, dairy free, gluten free, vegan friendly, vegetarian…so from that I have learnt the in’s and out’s of food (with frustration along the way).

I believe what we eat defines the health that we want to animate; by adapting our lives in a way to project how we feel positively it will benefit our day to day life whilst enabling us to live loger, feel younger and look healthier.

I try to cook food from around the world, as culture is something I have a huge interest in (and I know Dan feels the same). So we would love to prevail our recipes, experiences and knowledge as a way of educating and exciting people.

Stay Healthy

Peace and Love