How to Detox in 5 Steps

How to Detox in 5 Steps

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Starting a detox is a great way to restore and allow your body to absorb nutrients and vitamins from food more efficiently. When you start a detox it may seem overwhelming if you are used to having no strict plan when it comes to eating and exercising but it is a great way to flush out any toxins and bad bacteria in your body and gut..By doing a detox you’ll see your skin and overall physical well being improve.
What better time to start; now that spring/summer is just round the corner! I have narrowed a detox plan down to 5 steps so it is easy to follow and you’ll be detoxing in no time..




When you begin a detox you need to flush out your body from toxins and bacteria. The best and purest way to do this is by simply drinking up to 2 litres of water a day..Just by drinking this much water alone will improve your skin and create a subtle glow.



Bring detoxing back to basics..All old theories say when detoxing you should drink a glass of lemon water every morning before you eat. This theory is still effective. By drinking just lemon and water every morning will improve your digestion and liver function, it also enables your body to absorb nutrients from food easier. This is beneficial when detoxing as it allows your body to absorb what is better for you and disregards what is bad.

Green tea however, is a natural antioxidant which means it helps the overall effects and function of the body. It is believed to fight off cancer and to rehydrate the body. It is also known as a simple and natural way to speed up your metabolism. Just drinking at least 5 cups of green tea daily can improve your body from the inside, out!



Whilst trying to detox the best way to eat is to stick to a plant based diet. By doing this you are hydrating your body with vegetables and fruit (which contain natural juices). You are also allowing your body to cleanse itself without including harmful hormones from’re also eliminating fats and saturates and as well as processed foods which can all harm the bodies function which cause fatigue, nausea and headaches.



As said previously, trying to stick to a plant based diet is the main focus but you also have to consider eliminating wheat, gluten, meat, sugar and salt. The reason for this is sugar and salt can dehydrate the body when eaten excessively. Wheat and gluten also causes bloating and fatigue when eaten too much. And lastly meat; as I have mentioned before, contains harmful hormones, animal fats and steroids that are not good for the overall effect of the body. The whole point of a detox is to restore the body back to its most natural and purest state. By eating wheat, gluten, meat, sugar and salt will be doing to reverse effect of what you’re trying to accomplish by cleansing and hydrating the body.



It is best to eat 3 big meals a day, the reason for this is because it allows the body to fully digest in between meals. Also, your body will be able to absorb the vitamins and nutrients from each meal more efficiently, this is because your food has been fully digested and is ready to start eating is also cleansing the body of previous meals and isn’t holding onto any bad bacteria which can harm the body and its function.



  • If you want a full body cleanse it is best to try and cleanse for 1 whole week to restore your body to its natural form
  • If you have never detoxed before it is best to try detoxing for at least 3 days. You can do it in intervals and have breaks in between and start again
  • You will become very hungry if you are not used to cleaning the body, the best thing is to stay hydrated and to eat big meals even if you’re not hungry at that time
  • Your brain may mistake thirst for hunger, so don’t give in and eat something in between meals, just have green tea, lemon water or make a juice!!
  • Simply, don’t give up!


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