Weight Loss: How I continue to do it by Krishan Ghedia

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We didn’t want this blog to be a version of Closer or some other women’s weekly that you find in the dentist, but we don’t care. We had to share the story of our close friend Krish. Just read…

Old Krish
Old Krish

I was big ever since I can remember, from primary school all the way through to my university years (where I shamefully became my biggest). Throughout those years I managed to lose weight once, when I was picked for my high-school football team; There was no way I would be able to run the length of the pitch in the shape I was. The weight loss didn’t last and I slowly fell back to square one after just a couple of months.

Since then, I became lazy searching for every way to make weight-loss as easy as possible. I fell back into the traps of eating what was made, although healthy, I would eat too much of it and do nothing: zilch, nada. And since then I put the concept of wanting to lose weight at the very depths of my mind, resulting in my goal of losing weight diminishing.

The core issue wasn’t my goal of losing weight and how I would go about achieving it. The issue stemmed from my mindset of how I reacted to losing weight, It was always completely negative. Everything that encompasses losing weight left me feeling ‘eurghhhh’ and I put it on an unreachable pedestal, my emotions  blurred my logical thought processes.

Something had to give, and that “epiphany” moment came when I was 24 and my good friends Daniel and Roberto asked me if I wanted to come on a run, I remember it vividly, it was meant to be a lap around Furzton Lake, yet I couldn’t manage a slow 10-minute jog, let alone a lap without my lungs and throat feeling like I’d just swallowed barb-wire. That was the moment when my mind said ‘I am young, I am not 70+! and I can’t live like this any more.’ To a certain extent I was also envious of my friends that they could do a lap and I couldn’t. This was the moment my mind would change for good.

Two years on from that day, I have ran two half marathons, I cycle on average 80 miles per week commuting to work and the gym. This resulted in me going from 17st to 11st. However I am still on the journey of changing my lifestyle, from exploring new activities and eating habits to sculpting a lean and muscular physique.


New Krish
New Krish

The changes I made were simple, I started to explore the idea of weight-loss in a logical manner, I asked myself “whatever goes in, must get burnt”. I did not jump from diet to diet, I simply looked at what I was eating logically. Something that seems so simple, is often impossible as our mind is the fundamental problem. Rather than having my much loved cheese-toastie for breakfast, I moved onto porridge with honey. I replaced butter in my lunchtime sandwiches with light-mayonnaise. The biggest step being was to cut processed sugar, no chocolate-bars, no fizzy drinks, no biscuits or any of that type of food. If I felt I needed something, and it is entirely normal to do so, I would reach for a small piece of dark chocolate. All in all, there is always a healthy option. Find it and be patient with that choice.

Smoking was one of the biggest hurdles to quit, I enjoyed the social side and to be honest also enjoyed a puff. It had to come to an end for the goals to become a reality. I was one of those guys who would quit for 30 minutes and then start again, it seemed easier this time round and it’s all down to the mind, YOU HAVE TO WANT IT! If you smoke, and want to lose weight, smoking HAS to stop, you will not achieve the level of fitness you set yourself. It’s harsh but true.

My regime was cycling back from work, and heading straight out for a jog. I didn’t give myself the time to relax as I knew I just would never go for that jog/run It became a routine I fell in love with. Cycling also was brilliant as it gave me a time to think and it becomes a passive form of exercise. After a few months of this regime  I set myself the target of running my first Half Marathon @ Silverstone. This not only made my exercise less of a chore, it also greatly helped to keep the motivation and drive to the highest level as possible. After 8 weeks of training I achieved the target with a time of 2 hrs 06 mins. Still to this very day I cannot forget the joy of overcoming all the obstacles I had previously set myself, and more importantly the reactions from my friends and family. They were all incredibly positive however I still believed a few thought It was unrealistic.  Those positive reactions spur you on. On the exterior you feel so happy to receive the plaudits that you rightfully deserve, however on the inside you want to break down as you slowly come to realise your changes are taking effect. I found that the excuse of “time” wore completely thin, all it takes is preparation. Even if that preparation is getting your trainers out the closet, doing just that will keep it in the forefront of your mind.

As you continue to run and achieve your goals, as your body changes you’ll start to notice whatever form of exercise you do, starts to become a part of you. You’re building the very foundations of a new hobby and that in itself is an incredible feeling. I cannot describe the feeling of achieving the goals you set yourself, that constant battle with your mind, the pressure we put ourselves under to achieve. And once you start seeing results, you understand why everything starts to make sense and each and every feeling falls into place. This feeling of doing something continues to take effect to this very day, i started cycling as a way of commuting again over a year ago and because it is so enjoyable it becomes a passive form of exercise. Rock-climbing is also another form of exercise which is having this effect.

Dropping 6-7 stone came with a new obstacle, the much dreaded loose-skin. The spotlight had always been on cardiovascular training to lose weight, I won’t be the first and surely won’t be the last in having that mindset. That proved to be a fundamental mistake, as I am now in the process of re-elasticating the skin with weight training at my local sweatbox. I would urge anyone who is in the process of losing weight to add weight training into their regime, you will ensure muscle isn’t lost with all that cardio, additionally going to the gym needn’t be a lonely activity;  going with a friend who understands your goals helps you to learn new exercises and also motivates you. I would, however say to also go on your own as this ensures your goals do not become jumbled up into someone’s else.


You must be prepared to be in this for the long haul, I quickly found out that there is no easy route. How can there be? We are talking about a complete overhaul in both mind and body. Re-programming your brain to think and act in a totally new way takes time, hard work, discipline and most importantly patience. I have had times where I wanted to slip back into my older habits, overcoming this was to simply write down why I was making this change and how far I have come. Recently I was taken aback as a close friend described me as an ‘inspiration’. I didn’t know how to react to this, I was surprised. It hit me in the core, emotionally I went back to the person I was 3-4 years ago and looked at who I was now. Hearing someone call you an ‘inspiration’ is incredible, that word will spur you on to achieve many more goals you set yourself.


                           My Top 5 Exercise Tips:

  1. Drew by our good friend Fabio Paolucci
    Drew by our good friend Fabio Paolucci

    Exercise in the winter, it will toughen you up and you will be able to go for longer distances than during the Summer.

  2. Find your rhythm by not taking your headphones when you begin. You need to figure out how you breathe when you jog/run.
  3. Take it easy on your first run, don’t kill yourself because you cannot run 5k in one go. I started by running around my small block.
  4. Stretch! I figured this out much later than I should have. It will defend against aches, pains and injuries. Aiding flexibility.
  5. Find out your running gait. This is very important. You will run better, find your rhythm quicker. If you are an over-pronator like me (foot rolls inwards) purchase a pair of Mizuno Wave Inspire 9’s. Still to this very day one of the best durable and stable shoes for over-pronantion.

My Top 5 Weight Loss Tips:

  1. Food! – Don’t confuse your mind with this diet or that diet. I quite simply cut out sugar, processed foods and eating in excess. Fuel your body right, eat well in the morning (Porridge and eggs) and taper off during the day. The secret is in the name “breakfast” you are breaking your fast.
  2. Water! – your body will not tell you how thirsty you are, it can easily become masked by feeling hungry. I would suggest buying a 2L bottle of water and keep it at your desk. When you want to snack or eat, try a glass of water instead.
  3. Fruit! – It is a natural sweetener provided by mother nature and planet earth. Reach for that, rather than your man-made, processed, artificially made chocolate bar.
  4. The cheat meal – Do not think of having a cheat day, rather have a cheat meal. You will be able to control the calories you intake much easily. Know the difference.
  5. Alcohol! – I used to drink and drink and consume calories, you can control this. Rather than reaching for a sugar-laden drink, go for a Gin and Tonic or a the female favourite, Vodka, lime and Soda (they know what they are doing)


Looking back to my weight loss, I believe I was in advantageous position as all my close friends keep active and fit, it’s a part of them. They realised being fat is not who I wanted to be and what I wanted to become. To this day, they showed me the track, and I continue to run with it (pun intended of course).


Quick Sketch was by our good friend Fabio Paolucci, check out his website: http://fabiopaolucci.com/



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    Great article. Wow Krish, well done you. You ARE an inspiration!! Being patient and mindfull of your goals is all it takes.

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    Amazing article Krish! I’m sure loads of people will benefit from your tips.. So proud!! xx

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    Really helpful advice! Great read too! Xx

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