World Of Zing: Rare Chilli Hamper

World Of Zing: Rare Chilli Hamper

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This Christmas my mum got me a brilliant Rare Chilli Hamper from the World of Zing who have actually been seen on BBC News and Channel 4’s Sunday Brunch promoting their company. It was actually bought through Not on the High Street. The hamper consists of 8 different types of chillies from all over the world, ranging from the soft smoky Mexican Chipotle to the dangerous and evil South Asian Naga Bhut Jolokia (Ghost Chilli).



This particular hamper had the following in the order of the Scoville scale (heat!!!):




Naga Bhut Jolokia (aka Ghost Chilli) – 1,001,304 units

Dangerous firecracker in your mouth , sweet and smoky with a slow burning heat.
Origin: Northern India






Facing Heaven Bullet Chillies – 135,000 units

Medium spice heat with a touch of citrus.
Origin: China







Aji Amarillo Chillies – 50,000 units

Deep orange colour, rich and fruity flavour.
Origin: South America







Prik Jin Da (Thai Chillies) – 12,000 units

Fragrant chilli with a medium heat used to spice up those thai curries.
Origin: Far East







Pul Biber (aka Aleppo Pepper/Turkish Chilli Flakes – 10,000 units

Delicate fruitiness, cumin like and slightly salty
Origin: Turkey








Chipotle Meco Chillies – 5,000 – 10,000 units

Smokey, intense and rich (our favourite)
Origin: Central America







Pasilla Chilli Flakes (aka Chilli Negro) – 1,000 to 2,500 units

Mild-medium heat, slightly fruity, dried form of the chilaca pepper
Origin: Central America







Ancho Chillies (Dried Poblano) – 1,000 – 2,000 units

Mild fruity with undertones of plum, raisin, tobacco
Origin: Central America









Sage & Juniper Sea Salt





We both look forward to trying out all these chillies and will keep you posted on the dishes. Personally, we want to experiment with the ghost chilli, so if you have any interesting ideas, please let us know!


We were desperate to try the Chipotle chillies so quickly made some rice in between all this Christmas food!

Chipotle and Vegetable Brown Rice: Chipotle chillies Brown rice Mushrooms Cumin Garlic salt Spinach Coriander
Chipotle and Vegetable Brown Rice:
Chipotle chillies
Brown rice
Garlic salt











































woz-logo-blackWe recommend World of Zing as they do not only sell chillies, they have a huge variety of items ranging from herbs, spices, sauces and drinks, all with their own exotic twist.











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    Looking forward to Isabella and Dan creating a new dish that will include one of these chillies. The Chipotle chilli has an intense aroma. Mexican chicken chilli, how about it?

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