Salmon & Coconut Thai Curry

Salmon & Coconut Thai Curry

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Tonights dish came about from us being hungry, wanting something quick and using the resources that we had. It needed to be heathly as yesterday we indulged too much. It turned out to be fragrant and satisfying. Fish is one of them things that isn’t cooked enough when it’s so simple and can be added to anything. Sod paying £12 for a dish at Wagamamas.



Olive oil

1 can of coconut milk

1 red onion

Tbsp of Caribbean Hot Curry Powder (Rajah, my favourite!)

1 lemongrass stick

2 garlic cloves

Bunch of broccoli

Bunch of green beans

Bunch of baby corn

1 stock cube

Thumbsize of ginger


1 salmon fillet

1 fresh chilli

Half of squeezed lime juice



  • Cut and fry onion and garlic in olive oil
  • Grate ginger and add
  • Slice lemongrass and add
  • Add green beans, broccoli and corn
  • Add stock cube and curry powder
  • Add chilli, lime and pepper
  • Pour in Coconut milk with can of water
  • Add salmon fillet cut up into chucks
  • Steam with lid on for 15 minutes

Serve with Rice!


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