How Sugar Is Killing Us

How Sugar Is Killing Us

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As a whole, sugar is used in many dishes both savoury and sweet but we are unaware of how much sugar we consume on a day to day basis. This said, sugar is killing us to the extent of giving us heart problems, diabetes, liver problems, effecting the insulin in our bodies and creating other health problems.

Cutting down on your daily intake of sugar can prevent health issues from arising. The easiest way to do this to become aware of what you are eating in a day. Everyday foods and sauces, such as Ketchup, contains 22g of sugar per 100g, this can be avoided as eating something such as ketchup is not a necessity.


As kids, sugar is something that excites and relates to happiness. Sweets, sugar, cakes and chocolate have become more apparent with children compared to natural sugars such as fruit and natural yoghurt. This is when it becomes an issue; children are growing everyday so should be consuming as much nutrients and vitamins to help promote their mind and body growth, by adapting meals that disregard unnatural sugars will prevent children from craving sugar and stopping health issues in their future.


Alternatives to sugar  are something to be considered when creating your own meals and desserts. Sugar (occasionally) does not have to be added to a meal if a sweet based ingredient is already added. For example, in a simple banana bread recipe, sugar does not have to be added as bananas alone contain 14g of sugar. Additionally, there are many other ingredients that can be used instead of sugar, *for example: honey, pure maple syrup and stevia. These ingredients are naturally sweet and do not have to be used excessively in meals as it will over power different flavours.

We need to be careful though as products that promote ‘sugar free’ contain artificial sweeteners and sugar substitutes, this in turn effects our body negatively also. The reason for this is that artificial sweeteners do not have a natural base, meaning they have not been grown naturally and do not come from plants or other natural sources. This is why it is important to consider fruit and honey as they are naturally sweet products that have not been artificially made.


The easiest way to combat sugar cravings is to completely eliminate sugar out of your diet for a certain period of time (It takes relatively 30 days to combat a craving). The best way to do this at first; if your sugar craving is extreme, is to even eliminate fruit sugars as you’re allowing your body to recover and almost forget about the sugar content in your body. Once you have elapsed quitting sugar for a period of time, it is best to gradually introduce sugar back into your diet with natural sugars (*such as the above). By doing this you are allowing your body to forget about sugar as a whole and creating a new healthy body.


Furthermore, The addiction to sugar can create fatigue, it can also create migraines due the the spike and lows of blood sugar levels. It can also create diabetes, as sugar becomes a permanent substance in your body and blood stream. It can also create weight gain because it creates water retention in the body and can cause bloating. If you hold fat around your stomach and hips it is usually due to the high sugar content in your diet..sometimes sugar can be eaten unexpectedly when we eat out or even at home, this is because (as repeated above) we consume sauces and pre made meals that contain sugar we are unaware of.


To finalise, sugar is effecting our bodies and health in a completely negative way as it is resulting in the up rise of diabetes and health problems in children. The easiest way to prevent this is formulating a way of cutting it down slowly and eventually cutting it out of your diets completely. By doing so, you will feel a difference in your energy levels and your every day abilities. As a result we will be preventing our health from diminishing and the future of children’s lives to not be effected by health issues caused by sugar.


If you want to read more on how sugar is effecting our lives check out these other websites. Also, research how Jamie Oliver is making a change by taxing sugar and preventing the amount of sugar we eat as a whole.

Also, Chef and writer Sarah Wilson has written books on her journey of quitting sugar completely, her books also contain amazing meals that do not involves sugar at all.







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