Lebanese Falafel Burgers

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Healthy and quick burgers inspired by Lebanese flavours. This recipe came about from craving both a burger and falafel’s. We decided to combine the two to make an easy meal that could be enjoyed in under 20 minutes. A typical … Read More

Top 5 Best Oil’s

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Oil is used in pretty much every cooking dish, but there are good and bad fats that different oil’s contain. I’m going to list the top 5 best oils to use in your cooking to benefit your health…   Almond Oil: Almond … Read More

Coconut Laksa Soup

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Simple and easy Laksa soup with a coconut milk base. This dish is fragrant and refreshing that’ll make you feel energised. (Great for a detox meal).   RECIPE: 1 Sweet Potato 1 Fresh Chilli Coconut oil Salt & Pepper 2 … Read More

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